About Zambuko Trust (Pvt) Ltd

Zambuko Trust (Pvt) Ltd (Zambuko Trust) a Faith-based developmental Microfinance Institution one of Zimbabwe’s pioneer Sector Institutions. Zambuko Trust was founded in 1990 by a group of Christian business persons in response to economic challenges facing the poor. we operate from 6 branches in Zimbabwe, and provides products and services to its clientele which include; small business loans, green jobs and horticulture funding, Business management training and advisory services, loan insurance, Training and development of voluntary savings groups. We target the economically active poor and marginalised segment of the population, using the group and lending methodologies.

We seek to transform households through the provision of services that leave lasting solutions to the basic needs of families. Lives Transformation is our business; Microfinance is our tool

Products & Services

Zambuko Trust’s products and services are designed to meet clients needs to bring about sustainability and transformation. These loans are guaranteed by solidarity groups mutual, or by a formally employed guarantor.

Enterprise Loans

Enterprise Loans Zimbabwe

Tailored loans designed to help enterprises succeed.

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Non-Enterprise Development Credit

Non-Enterprise Loans Zimbabwe

Non-enterprise loans designed to improve one’s life.

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Business Development Services

Business Development Services Zimbabwe

Services to equip the client for success and growth.

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To be the leading transformation agent, creating wealth and empowering low income communities nationwide.

We seek to assist poor people transform themselves by providing market-oriented financial services as stated in our mission statement;

“To provide market oriented financial and non-financial solutions to the under-served economically active households in a sustainable manner.”

  1. Commitment; We are intensely focused on serving our clients and helping them achieve their business objectives.
  2. Respect; Our respect for one another compels us to value fully and affirm the dignity and uniqueness of each stakeholder.
  3. Integrity; We commit to integrating actively what we believe, present, and say with what we do. We will do the right things for the right reasons, whether or not anyone will know.
  4. Stewardship; Our deep sense of duty to our customers, staff, communities, partners and the environment drives every decision we make and guides every action we take.
  5. Excellence; We will put forth our personal and professional best, providing the highest quality of service, while committing ourselves to continuous improvement.

Our Triple Bottomline

  • Holistic Transformation; To extend financial and non-financial support, which will improve the quality of life for our customers.

  • Outreach; To extend micro finance services to an increasing number of poor clients who cannot be served by formal financial sector

  • Financial Sustainability; To achieve a financial performance of self-sufficiency, which progressively reduces dependency

Our Developmental Partners